Bring the ball back.


After chatting with a few people at work this week I have come to the conclusion that there is a vast majority of people who believe the swiss ball is for the elderly or novice to exercising. Therefore I wanted to bring some excitement to the swiss ball and redirect even the experienced fitness enthusiast to reintroduce the swiss ball to their workouts.

If you are a regular exerciser or someone who is trying to find the inner motivation to jump back on the fitness band wagon, look no further to spice up your workout routine than the swiss ball. Even though the swiss ball has been around for a long time it still has the power to rejuvenate your mindset and bring a fresh new approach to your usual routine.

Movements on the swiss ball can range for all levels and abilities and a wide variety of movements can be preformed on the ball. Starting from simple stretching techniques to more advanced strengthening. It’s the unstable base of support that forces you to recruit your deeper internal and external abdominal muscles to fully activate your core region. Not to mention switching on the surrounding spinal stabilising muscles to allow for correct alignment and support whilst trying to maintain balance on the ball. These muscles may not be used in every day life or in isolation exercises we tend to execute at the gym therefore giving you a total body conditioning workout if done right.

So this week let's incorporate at least one swiss ball set in your workout and start working out not for aesthetics but for postural support and body balance.




Push up feet on the ball (ADV) - Push up ball on the wall (BEG)

Wall squat

Hamstring lift and roll

Back extension

Oblique curl

Prone tuck

(Add dumbbells where required) 

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