Who agrees that there is an over abundant amount of opinions on what healthy eating is and not enough science based facts?

As I sit an enjoy my breakfast, I thought I would write a short blog about bringing it back to basics. I feel sometimes we just need to be reminded that it's the small changes made daily that end up making the biggest impact. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated. What complicates it, is overthinking, the media and self sabotage. I see so many clients leaping into the latest quick fixes and end up heavier than when they started and more emotionally drained. It’s a vicious cycle and unless we bring it back to basics and become comfortable with the process, long-term change will cease to exist.


In a perfect world our food supply would be full of nutrient dense foods, eliminating the need for us to have to pick and choose on a daily basis what are better food choices. Surprisingly it was like this hundreds of years ago. We only ate what was available and necessary and that was home grown whole foods.  There were no supermarket isles full of packaged and frozen dinners that we would heat and plate up in 30 secs. So don’t feel disheartened if you are feeling suffocated and confused from reading so many contradicting beliefs.


“Is low fat high carb better for me or is low carb high fat better?”


Unfortunately in todays modern world we are surrounded with too many options for the consumer. Most foods have being altered and highly processed to make it taste better and this is not for our health benefit. This is for numerous reasons; cheaper manufacturing processes, to excel shelf life and ultimately to entice consumer tastebuds, meaning more money for the companies involved. If you ask me its manipulation and the food industry have won because they have completely manipulated our taste buds to want more and more. So if you struggle to control your eating habits and cravings you are not alone.


It's scary to think in the early 1900's our main concern in the health industry was to find cures for infectious diseases. Whereas nowadays the leading cause of mortality worldwide is chronic disease e.g. Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and Heart disease. The similarity between these diseases is that they are all lifestyle diseases. Meaning that our lifestyle choices, our environment, and our diet are associated with the severity and onset of these diseases. So where did the human race get it wrong and what does this tell us?


It tells us that we need to start making changes to our health ourselves and there is no better person to focus on than you. Did you know that your bio-microbe has a hereditary component. This is the bacterium that makes up the lining of our gastrointestinal walls. Which means what your mother and what your mother's mother ate and the lifestyle choices they made have impacted your internal digestive function. Therefore your dietary choices will affect the structure of your children’s. You have the ability to create an even better start for your children’s health and our future generations by the foods and food choices you make TODAY. If this isn’t motivation enough I don’t know what is.


Health isn’t only referring to diet and exercise. It is also making sure our mind and soul is nourished and free from internal stressors impacting our body’s ability to function optimally. Remember all we can do is our best and aim to focus on our own health and our own wellbeing. Therefore we need to take our health back to basics. Shave all the excess “crap” that has slowly attached to our belief systems over the years and start making sure we are following a few simple principles.


  1. Eat wholefoods. 
  2. Always prepare and wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
  3. Aim for home cooked real food.
  4. Eat regular with controlled proportions.
  5. Remind yourself that every meal is your time to refuel and nourish.
  6. Keep your friends and family close to your heart.
  7. Take time to move your body daily.
  8. Exercise the mind and soul
  9. Practice self love & affirmations daily
  10. Keep grounded and stay in touch with nature.


This may sound simple, but from my personal health journey I have found healthy eating comes down to two things: consistency and a positive mindset. Humans are creatures of habit and habits are created in the subconscious mind. Keep reminding yourself it takes 28 days to form a new habit so that's 28 consecutive days of practice. So let's go, day one has just begun!

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