Cellulite is one of the most common talked about cosmetic conditions that woman everywhere struggle to prevent and eradicate. Cellulite affects mostly woman and despite its high prevalence, there have been few scientific investigations into the physiology of cellulite & very little definitive answers to its presentation. This makes it difficult to treat or improve accurately. 

Firstly, remember cellulite is not a disease it is merely a cosmetic disorder due to anatomic changes in the body.

The thing is there is no one cure or answer to all your cellulite questions. Cellulite is caused from a combination of things taking place under the surface of your skin and therefore it is important to target each case individually.  Symptoms can be tenderness in the affected area, especially when heavily massaged or pinched with a visual appearance of lumps, bumps and a dimpling on the skin.  Cellulite usually affects the gluteal and thigh region, but it has been seen to affect the lower abdominal area, nape of the neck or back of the upper arms. 

So, let me explain further how modern-day science believes cellulite originates.

We have fat storage sites under the skin which are made up of connective tissue, collagen and elastin. These fat cells are exactly that, storage sites. They have the ability to increase and decrease in size; replicate but never disappear.

 These fat storage sites store more than just fat; they store toxins, fat and produce oestrogen. Cellulite occurs when the skin dermis between the fat storage site and your skin surface (which is already thinner and not as plump in woman than men due to structural differences. Hence why we are more susceptible to this occurring) becomes much looser and non-supportive. The connective tissue walls surrounding the fat cells start to also thin.  With loss of elastin, tissue integrity and strength, the tissue can no longer support the dynamic changes of the fat cells, especially as the cells become hypertrophic and start protruding through the dermis. This presents on the surface of the skin as lumps, bumps and dimples.

To summarise the above in short, it’s the bodies tissue losing its strength and integrity as the fat cells enlarge.

Ageing and genetics play a role in the severity and onset off cellulite as well as changes and imbalances of oestrogen levels within the body. 

What is the therapeutic approach to targeting cellulite?

My two areas of focus will always be to reduce subcutaneous fat and enhance connective tissue integrity.


My tips to support this approach:

Improve circulation to allow for enhanced oxygen transportation. My 3 favourite ways to help improve and support circulation is exercise, massage & dry skin brushing. All three aforementioned support the natural removal of fluid, lymphatic drainage & improve blood and oxygen circulation towards the affected area.

Exercise: for a minimum of 30mins per day 5 days per week.

Massage & Dry Skin Brushing: Apply pressure and massaging the affected area daily. 

Increase Collagen intake. Collagen is a fibrillar protein that accommodates the conjunctive and connective tissue in the body, including the skin, joints and bones. Its role in the body is extremely important in the ageing process. Our bodies can produce our own collagen or we can obtain it from our diet.

3 ways to improve collagen:

Support the body’s natural production by consuming both protein (amino acid) rich foods and vitamin c rich foods such as citrus fruits, capsicum, brussel sprouts, kale. 

Consume foods rich in collagen such as bone broth and organic gelatin.

Purchase a good high-quality collagen supplement.

Weight Reduction with a slow and steady approach (for those who are overweight and out of a healthy BMI).  Embarking on a great weight loss nutrition and exercise regime that is well balanced and does not support quick weight loss.

Reducing toxic load. Including alcohol, smoking, environmental toxins, household products, chemical/pesticides, skincare products, medications.

Consult with a Dermatologist or a Skin Specialist. They will be able to provide you with a plethora of topical lotions, injectables and give you access to the most modern scientific technologies available.

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