We all get so caught up in the anticipation to take that much needed holiday that we tend to focus on the small things. 

 Did we pack enough bikinis?

Should I bring both black heels; pointed and peep toe?

 That we forget to worry about our bodies and the internal adventure they are about to embark on when we fly.

 Some of the most common issues we may experience before, during or after flying can be anxiety, bloating, constipation, headaches, ear aches, jet lag, muscle tightness and/or cramps, poor circulation and fluid retention. These are just some of the common side affects and if you are like me and travel frequently “Ain't no body got time for that”

 So I thought I would share a few tricks of the trade that work best for me that are sure to make your inflight movie marathon or your first day exploring your new tropical holiday destination full of natural energy and vitality.

 Firstly, DRINK water and lots of it. I know if you are sitting in the window isle you tend to monitor your fluid consumption a little more but this is crucial. 24 hours prior, during and post flight drink as much water as possible.

 Please limit your coffee and alcohol consumption. This is generally the first drink offered to you as you are seated but if you have just consumed an adequate amount of water before your flight please don’t reverse your efforts with caffeine and alcohol consumption. These are the two biggest  no-no’s assisting with dehydration.

Exercise before your flight whether it is a walk around the block or a weights session at the gym, get the body moving we want our circulatory system working at full capacity.

Don’t stop there! Make sure you get up and move around during your flight. I generally do a couple of laps around the plane and a few simple dynamic stretches before returning to my seat. Since doing this 5-minute routine it has drastically improved and reduced my fluid retention, which has been a reoccurring issue for me in the past.

 Prepare and pack your own food. You will hear me say this a lot in varies situations but this will benefit you in more reasons than one. Your wallet will thank you as airport food can come with a large dollar sign but most importantly your body will thank you. Airline food is either packaged, artificial, chemically drenched, addictive filled or all of the above.  Rule of thumb come PREPARED and you will not fail. I pack a bag of raw nuts, a protein bar or dried fruit and this eliminates the chances of choosing foods out of hunger and instant gratification.

 Try and sleep during your flight.  Magnesium prior to your flight is great in assisting the muscles and body to relax. Aim to bring along an eye mask, earplugs, or even some soothing oils e.g. lavender or sandalwood to assist with the sleeping process.

 Lastly, when you return to your hotel enter the relax zone and enjoy.


Kahili X

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