Hands up who loves a fresh fruit juice from your local Juice bar?


I am here to help you make the best choices when ordering so that you are not choosing a juice that yields your daily consumption of sugars and/or calories in one cup.


Yes, this is possible and here is why. When you use a conventional "old school" juice machine you may have noticed the shop assistant reaches for fruit, after fruit, after fruit to produce just a few droplets of liquid. When we juice with this particular type of machine majority of the fibrous nutrient filled content is getting thrown in the bin, whilst the large plastic takeaway cup is filling with all the delicious fruits sugars. Yes, they are all natural of course so please do not get me wrong. I would much prefer you reach for a fructose filled juice rather than a pre packaged supermarket juice. Although just keep in mind that most of the nutritional benefits of our beautiful fruits are actually in the whole fruit.

Nowadays there is a range of new and improved juice machines as technology has advanced. Many focusing more on excreting a certain percentage of fruit fibre aiming to retain as much nutrients and active enzymes as possible. Therefore I highly suggest asking the shop assistant how they juice their fruits is it a Cold Press?

Now for all my lovely ladies who want to make sure their not adding to their waist line before 10am. Here is what you need to keep in mind. 

If you are purchasing a fresh juice made from a conventional juicer as mentioned above purely made from a combination of fruits. I would say you are consuming almost 6 servings of fruit juice from your drink when the recommended daily fruit intake for the average person is 2-3 serves of fruit a day (as recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines). 

 Don’t let me lead you astray and not order a fresh juice anymore. I am simply suggesting that you re-read the menu or ask the shop assistant to switch a few of the ingredients. Throw in more vegetables than fruit e.g. 1 fruit to every 3 vegetables. You will still have the sweetness from the fruit but with much more added vitamins and minerals. Or why not save your cash and make a juice at home so you know exactly what goes into your juice. I personally rely on my Nutri-bullet or blender. You are able to put the entire fruit and/or vegetable; chopped into smaller pieces into the blender and you will not only reap all the nutritional benefits but you fill up much easier with less.

Here is one of my favourite combinations:





Coconut Water 

So don’t ditch your morning juice with the girls, just make sure you are juicing right!


Kahili X


chia oats