“We must take responsibility of what we want to eat and how we want to feel.”

There is a large majority of society who do not understand the concept behind organic farming so I have highlighted below a few key differences in both organic and conventional farming.

Organic farming is not only about the produce itself, it is also about the care, passion & hours of manual labour dedicated to the land from the farmers to create the most nutritious fresh produce. Organic farmers grow and produce their food without the use of any artificial and synthetic chemicals. They use the skills of birds and specific insects; which kill off potential dangers to secure the freshness and vibrancy of the produce. Organic farmers will get down to their hands and knees to personally remove any weeds from the land and rotate their crops daily to create nutrient rich soil; full of moisture and vitality to create the perfect home for adequate fresh growth. Not to mention this same care is given to all the animals.

Conventional farming methods generally use artificial soils with no manual rotation techniques, leaving the soil dry, lifeless and nutrient poor. This same non-rotated and nutrient deficient soil is used for years. Resulting in very limited  minerals transferred into our fruit and vegetables. Leaving them void of essential nutrients we rely on from our fruit and vegetable consumption. Dozens of pesticides and chemicals are used daily to deter any insects and pests, which remain on the produce until it reaches out mouths. 

Chemicals and pesticides go through safety tests for human ingestion although chemical testing consists of one chemical being tested over a minute amount of time. Science has not developed the technology; and I highly doubt it ever will, to test what an array of varies chemicals and pesticides is doing to our bodies. Furthermore hold the ability to test the affect of years consuming these highly damaging chemicals. How do we know how it is really damaging our health?

We wonder why the rate in digestive disorders is rapidly increasing!

Dr Libby Weaver further explains this theory in her recent book "The Calorie Fallacy."



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