“We must take responsibility of what we want to eat and how we want to feel”


I want to bring to discussion the power of organic produce and why it is important to make the conscious effort to choose organic foods. There is a large majority of society who do not understand the real meaning and concept about why we should be choosing organic produce, so I have highlighted a few differences in Organic and Conventional farming.


A lot of people will discuss and hopefully purchase organic foods although an extremely import factor is usually dismissed or forgotten about and that is where did the produce come from?


 The difference with Organic farming is not only about the produce itself, it is also about the manual labour and hours of care and passion that is given by the farmers to create nourishing produce. Organic farmers grow and produce their food without the use of any artificial and synthetic chemicals. They use the skills of birds and specific insects, which kill off potential dangers to secure the freshness and vibrancy of the produce. Organic farmers will get down to their hands and knees to personally remove any weeds from the land and rotate their crops daily to create nutrient rich soil, full of moisture and vitality to create the perfect home for adequate fresh growth. Not to mention this same care is given to all the animals.

(This is another kettle of fish I will readdress in a later blog. The differences in animal treatment in Organic and Conventional agriculture industries)


This is the difference with Conventional and Organic produce. Conventional farming methods use artificial soils with no manual rotational techniques leaving the soil dry, lifeless and nutrient poor. This same un-rotated and nutrient deficient soil is used for years. Dozens of pesticides and chemicals are used daily to deter any insects and pests which remain on the produce even after it leaves the farm. Meaning there is a large build up of pesticides, chemicals and artificial residue not only covering their food but getting absorbed through the food over long periods of time.

Yes, chemical’s and pesticides are tested for human ingestion although chemical testing consists of one chemical being tested over a very brief amount of time. Science has not developed the technology and or ability to test the constant chemical cocktail the average person consumes on a daily basis and has been doing so over years of ingestion. Who knows how chemical “X” reacts in the body with pesticide “Y and Z” over 10 years of ingestion? No, this hasn’t been tested and we wonder why the rate of incidents in digestive disorders are rapidly increasing. Dr Libby Weaver has further explained this theory in her recent book "The Calorie Fallacy".


Here is an analogy for you. Majority of society are aware of the basic factors needed to create a healthy environment for a foetus in the mothers uterus. We are aware that we must eliminate any alcohol, raw seafood and caffeine from our diet and increase our iron and folate levels. This is done with the intention to bring a beautiful functioning human into this world. So if we are open to sharing the knowledge and steps involved in creating the right environment to bring a child into the world, why is there still a large proportion of people unaware of the steps required to bring real nourishing food into the world? Food is our fuel and we are what we eat. So if we are cautious to not supply our babies with a chemical rich environment why are we allowing the foods we eat to grow in one?


Organic Farmers and their farming methods need to be recognised as farming of the future.


Love Kahili X

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